Monday, June 7, 2010


After several weeks of work, including several unexpected problems thrown up by the structurally failing Quarry Visitor Center, the protective box enclosing the Carnegie Quarry is nearly complete. The size of this protective structure is impressive, running 150 feet in length, 50 feet in height, and 30 feet in width.The framework is a scaffolding and truss system. The vertical walls of the box are made of plywood. The top of the box will also serve as the work platform as the buildings ceiling and roof structure is redone.

Because of the work that will be done using the top of the box, additional protection is provided on that part of the structure. On the top is a fire blanket to protect against sparks during welding and cutting. Beneath this is plywood, then a 2 inch thick layer of foam, followed by a plastic moisture barrier, and another layer of plywood. All of this sits atop the truss and steel planking. Finally, below all of this is a suspended layer of mesh and reinforcing rope netting to catch any item that might fall and somehow get through.

So finally, the Carnegie Quarry can be safely put to rest in its sarcophagus and the demolition of other parts of the Quarry Visitor Center can begin. Well almost. There is the little matter of the 4-ton 50 foot high steel hoist still inside the east end of the building (see last photo). Completion of the protective box awaits the crane’s dramatic exit from the Visitor Center sometime in late June.

Photos courtesy of Dinosaur National Monument

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