Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well the QVC project is continuing to focus on work that will improve the future stability of the QVC. The forty 60+ foot deep pilings just put in will be the anchors for the repaired building.

Each cement piling has a long, threaded, steel rod in it that will be bolted to the steel framework. The hose next to the threaded pipe was used to inject the cement into the drilling hole.

Steel beams are being placed horizontally at the base of each existing upright. The horizontal and vertical beams will be bolted together and the pilings will be bolted to the horizontal beams. When completed, these two systems will form a much stronger skeleton for the building, one that should resist any movement due to wetting and swelling of the bentonitic mudstone beneath it.

However, the concrete footer beneath each upright beam is only about 3 feet thick, too thin for the new design. So each the footer will need to be removed and a deeper one poured. The horizontal beams already in place will play an important role in how the replacement footers are put it. More on that later.

Photos: NPS

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