Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As you may recall, constant readers, one the most spectacular, and fear inducing, problems of the Quarry Visitor Center was the east glass wall (see my previous post Inside the QVC Part III The Wall of Death Saturday, March 20, 2010). The huge glass wall on the east side of the building had pulled off its foundation and was hanging by the welds at the top.

When the vertical steel beams of the east wall pulled off the foundation, the attachment bolts and the concrete of the foundation were irreparably damaged. The beams were removed in order to get the 28,000 pound crane out of the building. The repair of the foundation was scheduled for later in the project. That time has finally arrived.

Repairing the serious damage to the bolts and concrete was more than just patching some cracks --- major surgery was required. Concrete saws cut away a large area around each damaged beam support. Plywood forms were built and put in place, threaded steel rods positioned, and concrete poured.

The three replaced support areas, easily visible, will provide new and stable bases which the steel beams will be bolted to when they are reinstalled. Once the beams are in, the glass which will form most of the wall can be put in.  For the first time in decades one will be able to stand by this magnificent wall of glass without thinking about Damocles.

Photos: NPS


  1. I like it. It looks like laser surgery. Well done.

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