Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We are making real progress in putting the QVC back together. The major effort now underway is getting the window framing installed so that the glass can be put in and the glass walls restored. However, the scale of window framing in the QVC is on a dinosaurian scale.

First the vertical I-beams need to be put back up. Some of these are new, but most are the reused beautiful pink beams that were taken out many months ago (see I-Beam Loggers post

The beams are lifted vertically by a crane and swung into place. The bottoms are bolted into the foundation and the upper ends are welded into place.

Once these beams are up, the cross pieces are welded in. When the framing is completed, the new, more energy efficient glass windows will be installed. With that done, the building will be a building again and work on the inside can begin.

 Photos: NPS

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