Thursday, June 16, 2011


Work progresses slowly on the installation of the framing and windows, with about ¾ of the windows now in. However, the pouring of concrete around the Quarry Visitor Center is completed.

 A long, wide walkway leads from the parking lot to the base of the entrance ramp that runs up and along the south wall of the building.

Sidewalks and curbs connect that walkway with the exit doors, visitor shelter, and restrooms. Decorative landscaping blocks, some with Thalassinoides trace fossils, are in place.

These concrete blocks are the bases for the beams that will support the roof of a shade structure where visitors can comfortably wait for the shuttle bus.

There is a saying about ancient Rome that “All roads lead to Rome.” There is a similar truth for Dinosaur National Monument, where all roads lead to the Quarry Visitor Center, although getting to the Carnegie Quarry from the Echo Park campground deep in the Monument’s river canyons may take some creative route finding.

Photos: NPS

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