Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The gull wing roof is one of the architectural signatures of the Quarry Visitor Center. It’s pretty spectacular but poses some problems that might not be obvious.

Unlike your home, water from melting snow and summer thunderstorm toad floaters does not run to the edge of the roof and off the side down rain gutters and drain pipes. Instead it runs to the bottom of the V of the gull wing and down a drain at the center of the roof, into horizontal pipes near the ceiling, and down into a drain system that carried it away from the building. Remember that many of the problems of the old QVC were related to the expansive soil beneath it getting wet. So getting the water on the roof away from the building is critical.

While the sarcophagus is being dismantled work goes on nearby inside the building assembling the new roof drainage piping system. Given that much of this is 40 feet above the ground, the new piping is installed, anchored and connected primarily working on a scissor lift.

Photos: NPS

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