Saturday, September 24, 2011


Things at the DinoMon have gone crazy. It's busy with people all over the place like some crank laced anthill.

There are all these Men-In-White, wrapped up in biohazard suits and warning vests with helmets and face masks and filters like they were some kind of hemmorhagic fever chasing viral cowboys from the Level 4 Biohazard Containment facilities at the CDC.

And like whatsup with this lady? Man I swear I saw her in that movie Contagion.She was vaccinating sick people. Or maybe she was piling bodies up in the mass graves. I can’t remember exactly but she totally wigged me out.

Can anyone tell me what insane weapon is this guy carrying? Is that a flame thrower for decontamination? Or for killing zombies? I sure didn't like the way he kept staring at me.

Then, out of nowhere more people with helmets came and began bringing boxes and all kinds of strange stuff in and laying it on the floor.

Later a couple of guys rolled into the place with this thing.

An hour later they suddenly vanished without a trace ... but left this behind!

Some of the mysterious, Men-In-White, government agents used this blue Imperial Walker to do who knows what work up on the dino bones.

It looked to me like they were sucking DNA out of the bones for some kind of freakin’ genetic cross breeding experiments, like the aliens do between humans and turtles and aardvarks. I know because I read all about that on a TV show.

Other guys were putting wires and other objects in the ceilings and walls, like maybe x-ray cameras disguised as smoke detectors. Very black box kind of stuff.

Anyway, like I said, these are whack crazy days at the QVC, but it is really Really, TOTALLY AWESOME dudes!

Photos: All these top secret photos are from agents within the NPS.

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