Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 Explore Utah Science is a very nice, and relatively new, website that covers news stories  relevant to the citizens of Utah.  The main part of the site is organized around the themes of technology, environment, energy, science and society, health, life, and space. This is an important effort, given the problems of science literacy.  I recently had  the opportunity to do a guest blog for the site, their first with a paleontological theme.  I wrote about one of our major paleo research and resource management projects, understanding the paleoenvironments and past life of the Early Jurassic Nugget Sandstone. The project has been going on for five years and we have made many discoveries, some of which are truly spectacular. 

So take a side trip from Land of the Dead and read about our adventures in the fossilized remains of a giant desert that once covered much of the western US at ....

.... and while you're there explore Explore Utah Science and read some of the many other interesting stories at the site.

The Nugget project is one I’ll be returning to in the future at Land of the Dead, so the Explore Utah Science story will serve as a brief introduction.